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Items in storage section: in this section, you are able to manage all Items in your Storage.
Use Put On Island button if you want to put any item from Storage to Island and combine with decoration X and Y.
Use Chests manager button to manage all chests in your storage, after you open the flyout you can see all available Chests, you can open all Chests with one click, or particular chest
Use Orbs Manage button to Emp Power or Recall any dragons on your islands
Egg is storage section: in this section, you are able to manage Eggs and Dragons in the Storage
Use Move to Habitat to move any Dragon to any Habitat, it wont required the Dragon match with Habitat Element
Use Dragon In Storage button to Sell/Move to Habitat
Use Sell Button to sell any Egg or Dragon in Storage
Item on Map section: in this section, you are able to manage all available items on your islands
Use Move button to move any items to any position on your map (awesome feature) you can move to islands which has not unlocked yet
Use Open Map to check decoration
Use Sell button to sell any items on your islands
Use Store button to send any items into your storage, some items you can not store in game but in tool you can
Use More button to Upgrade any items required Upgrade without waiting, hint: user can upgrade items from level 1 to 2,3 without waiting
Use More button to Clean Rock and Tree on your maps without waiting, and Remove Waiting invite friend to Unlock special Items
Use More button to Remove Waiting invite friend to Unlock some special Items required friend accept
Dragon on Map section: in this section, you are able to manage all available Dragons on your islands
Use Feed button to feed your Dragon to any available level with one click
Use Store Dragon to send any Dragons to your storage (in case your habitat full and you want to free more space for newest dragons)
Use Move Dragon button to move any Dragons to any habitats without required match habitat element
Use Rename Dragon button to rename all Dragons to same another name or same name (its very funny)
Use Random Name button if you want to change all Dragons on your island to any names.
Farm on Map section: in this section, you are able to grow or collect with one click
Use Grow button to grow all farm building with one click
Use Collect button to collect all farm building with one click
User Video Speed Up to speed up all your farm buildings (it required your account has available speed up videos)
Item In Shop section: in this section, you are able to buy Items on Shop
Use Buy button to buy any items without waiting time, after you buy success it will send to your storage, you need go to Storage and put this new item on your islands
Dragon In Shop section: in this section, you are able to buy eggs on Shop
Use Buy button to buy any eggs, there are a lot of egg could not buy... please check here Dragon Codes
Egg In Hatchery section: in this section, you are able to sell or move egg to any habitat
Use Videos Speed Up to Speed Up hatch Egg on hatchery ( it required your account has available speed up videos)
Use Move To Habitat to Move Egg to any habitats on your island without required match Dragon elements and Habitat elements
Use Sell to sell egg on Hatchery
Use Speed Up to speed up Hatching with gems
Egg In Hatchery section: in this section, you are able to sell or move egg to any habitat
Use Videos Speed Up to Speed Up hatch Egg on hatchery ( it required your account has available speed up videos)
Use Get to Move Egg to Hatchery
Use Store to send egg to your storage, only available when your level doesn't match dragon level
Use Speed Up to speed up Breeding with gems
Dragonarium section: in this section, you manage your dragon in Dragonarium
Use Move To Habitat to Move Egg to any habitats on your island without required match Dragon elements and Habitat elements
Mage Shrine section: in this section, you can speed up with Shrine Items
Use Cast Spell speed any building
Everything related to Pvp, Battle, Tournament... will be listed here, in this tab you can easily win any enimies with one action
All Tournaments Cup
Load all Tournaments
  • Fight
  • My Arena
  • Top Masters
You should select only one Dragon to train star. This dragon can earn 3 kills a match
  • {{dragon.level}}
{{vm.model.next_opponent.name}} (Win: {{vm.model.next_opponent.trophies_to_win}}, Lose: {{vm.model.next_opponent.trophies_to_lose}}) , Trophies: {{vm.model.next_opponent.trophies | number}}, View enemy
  • {{dragon.lvl}}
{{arena.rank}}. {{arena.name}} Level:{{arena.level}} Trophies:{{arena.trophies | number}} View enemy
{{arena.rank}}. {{arena.name}} Level:{{arena.level}} Trophies:{{arena.trophies | number}} View enemy

{{vm.arenaOffineAttackMessage}} {{vm.model.offline_attacks.trophies}}

Please see videos how to link Token to your account
(Spend Gems = 50 Gems , Only EXP was changed, remaining thing keeps orginal)
WATCH VIDEO (How to learn new skills) then Go to My Dragons tab to learn skill
Current Skills
Replace by
In this tab you can preview the result before you decide breed
All Breeding Calculation
Empty logs
{{history.createdDate|date:'HH:mm'}}: Name: {{history.name}} - Id:{{history.typeId}}
Last 20 breeding histories of all players - View all
Empty logs
Click here
Click here
Dit's friends will help you fill it (No worries, They are not your friends)
Waiting to get more
If you watched more than 10 videos, please wait 30 minutes to recover tool. Your account will be blocked 30 - 60 minutes if you keep watching videos in short time
10M Gold = 50k Food
{{log.time|date:'hh:mm'}}: Gold: {{log.g|number}}, Food: {{log.f|number}}
Total Gold: {{vm.log.sum.g|number}}
Total Food: {{vm.log.sum.f|number}}

Please load your information before use this feature

- Time left : {{ddays}} Days, {{hhours}} Hours, {{mminutes}} Minutes {{sseconds}} Seconds
Total free coin you can earn, if this number is 0 then you can not earn any free coin by missions
Recover {{vm.model.config.islands[0].pool_size}} points every {{vm.model.config.islands[0].pool_time / 60 / 60}} Hours
Tips: Turn on all features at BOT tab to earn more coin every hours
Cost: -{{node.cost.ep}} 0 Reward:

Please load your information before use this feature

- Time left : {{ddays}} Days, {{hhours}} Hours, {{mminutes}} Minutes {{sseconds}} Seconds
Node {{ $index + 1}}: Required: Required: Required: Reward:
This tab will help you do task to collect items for any events (Heroic, Runner, Grid....). Only Premium accounts are able to use this feature
Notice: You should click Collect Item many times to finish the particular mission, after you clicked Collect Item then login into game to check your progress for current event.
If the status with green color then you good to go if not please following the status message
All configurations are good
Count:{{vm.breeding.count}} - Last Updated: {{vm.breeding.lastUpdate | date : 'HH:mm:ss'}} Note: Breeding 2 Terra Dragons Hatch then sell it
Count:{{vm.hatching.count}} - Last Updated: {{vm.hatching.lastUpdate | date : 'HH:mm:ss'}} Note: Breeding 2 Terra Dragons then Hatch then sell it
Count:{{vm.feeding.count}} - Last Updated: {{vm.feeding.lastUpdate | date : 'HH:mm:ss'}} Note: Breeding 2 Terra Dragons then Hatch and Feed Terra Dragon to Level 7 then sell it
Count:{{vm.food.count}} - Last Updated: {{vm.food.lastUpdate | date : 'HH:mm:ss'}} Note: Make sure you collect all Food in all your Food Farms first
Count:{{vm.gold.count}} - Last Updated: {{vm.gold.lastUpdate | date : 'HH:mm:ss'}} Note: Make sure you collect all gold in all your Habitats first
Please go to Super Man tab
Note: Please click on each skill icons to replace this skill with new skill WATCH VIDEO


No result match

    Select any habitats to move

    Select Attack Skill

    Your BOT configuration link without login {{vm.model.botConfigUrl}}
    Enable Auto Collect on Server side (Trial 7 days) - Expired Date: {{vm.model.serverSide.expiredAt | date:'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'}}
    • Introduce: BOT will log in to your account every 65 minutes and help you do some tasks config below. Everything you need to do is turn on/off the feature you want BOT to take care of and you can close this page. You are able to monitor what BOT did in the History Records page here. View 100 logs history
      Next execution on: {{vm.model.nextExecutionOn | date:'HH:mm'}} - Time left: {{mminutes}} Minutes {{sseconds}} Seconds
    • Collect Gold (On) (Off) Collect gold and coin for any missions if available
    • Auto Collect Platinum in ANCIENT WORLD (On) (Off) Collect all available platinum in your habitats
    • Auto Combat in Arena (On) (Off) How many stanima you want to use Beat your enemies in Arena help you increase rank
    • Auto Fight in Tournament if Available (On) (Off) Help you complete quests and collect reward
    • Auto Fight in League (On) (Off) Beat your all enemies to earn gold, food, gems
    • Auto Watch Video Dragon Cinema, Dragon Tv (On) (Off) Watch all any available videos
    • Auto Collect Heroic Race items (On) (Off) Make sure 2 Terra Dragons must be on your map and there are FREE (no Breeding, no Hatching, no Training) When Heroic happening, Tournament will be stopped and Heroic will use Tournament for Quest mission When Heroic happening, Grow Food will be stopped, Heroic will use Farm Building for Food mission
      All configurations are good
    • Auto Collect Food in all Farm Buildings (On) (Off)
    • Auto Breeding (On) (Off) It will breed 2 Terra Dragons for missions
    • Auto Hatching (On) (Off) It will breed 2 Terra Dragons then hatch it for missions
    • Auto Claim Retention Calendar (On) (Off) Claiming reward every day on Calendar and prevent your streaks are broken
    • View 100 logs history
    How many {{vm.getName(vm.selectedTab.crystals[$index-1].name)}} Platinum costs: {{crystal.craft_Resources.p * (crystal.totalInput || vm.selectedTab.crystals[$index-1].total) / 5 | number}}
    Introduce: this feature allow you mod your dragon city game, you can modify the current dragons (level, grade, rank).
    You can use modify dragons to fight in battle, arena, league or just review it how strong they are
    To use this feature you need change your proxy to on your device (ios, android) proxy.ditlep.com port: 5555
    It may be reload game if you try collect gold in your habitats..
    Remember: this is fun mode, after you removed proxy from your device, your account will back to normal mode.
    Only Premium and BOT account can use this feature
    All dragons in your map will get Level {{vm.levelTemplate[vm.model.AllDragonLevel]}}
    All dragons in your map will get Grade {{vm.model.AllDragonGrade}}
    All dragons in your map will get Rank {{vm.rankTemplate[vm.model.AllDragonKill]}}
    List of Dragons to customize
    1. Click Select Dragon you want to modify
    2. Select a Dragon from Dragon List
    3. After add Dragon to list modify. Then click on Gear icon to modify Level, Grade
    4. You can transform the Dragon to any dragon you want by in Dragon Code. Find dragon code here ditlep.com/code ditlep.com/code
    Transform to Dragon:
    • hack dragon city, hack gem, food, gold dragon city

      BOT Package

      $ 5

      for 30 day(s)

      Enable Auto Collect Gold, Food, Platinum in all habitats every hours

      Enable Auto Combat in Arena (increase your rank automatically)

      Auto Combat League

      Auto Combat Tournament

      Auto Watch Dragon Tv

      Auto Heroic Event

      Activate it at BOT Tab

      This package for BOT only and it can't use another Premium features

      BOT Package
    • hack dragon city, hack gem, food, gold dragon city

      7 days - Premium

      $ 5

      for 7 day(s)

      7 days - Premium

      Multiple Training Dragons same time

      Ability claim reward events (Fog, Progressive, Maze)

      Including BOT 7 days

      Your premium days will be extended (you can buy it many times)

    • hack dragon city, hack gem, food, gold dragon city

      14 days - Premium

      $ 8

      for 14 day(s)

      30% OFF14 days - Premium

      Multiple Training Dragons same time

      Ability claim reward events (Fog, Progressive, Maze)

      Including BOT 14 days

      Your premium days will be extended (you can buy it many times)

    • hack dragon city, hack gem, food, gold dragon city

      30 days - Premium

      $ 10

      for 30 day(s)

      $13 -> 10

      30% OFF30 days - Premium

      Multiple Training Dragons same time

      Ability claim reward events (Fog, Progressive, Maze)

      Including BOT 30 days

      Your premium days will be extended (you can buy it many times)

    You want to purchase premium Account with Dedicated server, no Overload and Super Fast Click here
    2020/08/04 - 11:52

    Resolved show errors while using Watch Dragon Tv

    2020/07/01 - 11:49

    Resolved issue some accounts could not get list of Breeding Building.

    Resolved issue My Dragons tab could not load properly.

    2020/06/17 - 17:01

    New Page: Top Dragons Breeding of all users on the world in 7 days

    2020/06/11 - 23:16
    New Page: Powser and Hp Calculator for any Dragon. You can review how strong your dragon when level up, emp power or ranking up.
    2020/05/31 - 11:47

    Reopen Fun Mode. Only accounts have BOT or Premium active subscription are able to use it

    2020/05/30 - 22:03

    Here is a list of strongest attack dragon. Please take a look it and make your new dragons collection Top strongest dragon

    2020/05/27 - 23:22

    New Page: Food Calculator from this you can calculate how many food to feed a dragon from any level.

    2020/05/25 - 22:49
    New Page: Fog Island Unlocked Map . You can open the map without login to web
    2020/05/23 - 18:41

    Introduce new Page call 

    How to Breeding any Dragon

    Implement new Mobile View

    2020/05/05 - 15:06

    Fixed: Available Tournament can not be finished.

    2020/04/23 - 13:41

    Some accounts can not click Get Information button on Chrome browser. Please update your Chrome to latest version then the issue will be solved

    2020/04/14 - 19:19
    We have fixed server issues. No more message “There are some errors” show up. 
    2020/03/16 - 22:55

    News: the Dragon City server is unstable. Sometime there are errors message show up. Just try again. Thanks

    2020/03/14 - 13:40

    BOT: you can configure without login ditlep. Please check at BOT tab

    2020/03/10 - 10:23

    News IMPORTANT: there is a message Warining for some accounts when you login into game. Please use the tool very carefully.

    2020/03/06 - 23:06

    We deleted all old tokens. You must create a new token from now if you want to use tool

    2020/03/06 - 18:43

    !!! WELCOME BACK !!!

    Remember the tool only help a litte bit, don't use it to much if you don't want to make game get boring...

    2020/03/05 - 19:38
    News: DC server is going wrong now. There are many accounts can not login to game (including new accounts never using tool)
    2020/02/29 - 08:38

    BOT: we are moving new server for BOT.. During this time some issues happen and it makes several accounts do not run properly. Sorry for this inconvenience

    2020/02/26 - 11:42

    Bad News: Convert to Food from Gold stopped working

    2020/02/23 - 19:11

    Update new UI for Dragon in Storage. Now you can easier to manage your dragons in storage

    2020/02/14 - 00:10

    Fixed: We fixed a issue for some accounts could not create token at findSessionId.com. Please go findSessionId.com and create token again.

    2020/02/11 - 21:01

    Fixed: Could not load Battleground Event

    2020/02/11 - 15:16

    Fixed: Dragon Tv Video show error

    2020/02/09 - 15:10
    Huge Food Package 500M. Please check at Premium Price tab. 
    2020/02/01 - 10:10
    Hi everyone. There is a issue some accounts can’t claim calendar reward because different timezone with BOT. 

    You should no worries about it. It happens every first day of month. Just wait some hours then login back and claim the reward.

    Enjoy your game
    2020/01/31 - 16:58

    News: The tool is still working after DOOM day (the day Dragon City will be closed on Facebook platform).

    2020/01/28 - 15:46

    New Features: Add Chests Manage page on Item In Store section

    2020/01/27 - 19:25

    Fixed: show error when click Speed Up (spend gems) on Breeding Result section

    2020/01/24 - 16:36

    New Feature: Add new event call Fog Event and Unlock event map.

    2020/01/24 - 10:09

    Fixed: Some accounts could not Watch Videos in Dragon Tv 

    2020/01/23 - 11:11

    + Update View Dragon Tv in BOT

    + Improve UI in View history BOT slide

    2020/01/21 - 17:40

    New Feature: Add Watch Video (new version) on Wonder Woman tab

    2020/01/20 - 17:38

    Reopen Food selling at Price Premium Tab

    2020/01/14 - 22:41

    Improve Transferring: No more errors while Transferring Gold or Converting Gold to Food (you must create Token first)

    2020/01/11 - 19:00

    Add Filipino language

    Increase Gold Transfer at My Store

    2020/01/08 - 17:43
    Fixed some accounts stopped Convert Gold to Food after few minutes.
    2019/12/31 - 17:48

    New Features for Premium: Convert Gold to Food in Wonder Woman tab. (only on VIP server)

    2019/12/26 - 16:46

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 2020

    Thanks to everyone who donate and support ditlep in the 2019. We will keep improving and bring new awesome feature in 2020.

    Discount 30% for 30 days Package. The event will end at 2020-01-01 23:59.

    2019/12/18 - 16:28
    BOT: Resolved Some accounts could not Collect Farm properly.
    2019/12/17 - 09:47
    BOT: Auto Combat in Arena is more smarter. It will pick match dragons for next arena, you won't miss arena any more.
    2019/12/12 - 14:03

    News: Dragon City will be closed on Facebook environment on Feb-10-2020 . Its mean you can not find SessionId by regular way on findSessionId.com website.

    Only one way you can find sessionId is creating Token link.

    2019/11/30 - 11:22
    Hurry up !!!! The Black Friday event will end on 12-01
    2019/11/29 - 16:02

    He thong da ho tro nap qua the cao cho cac mang Viettel, Vinaphone va Mobifone.

    2019/11/24 - 14:04
    Enjoy your Black Friday with big discount for all packages.
    2019/11/22 - 16:11

    New feature: Auto Claim Retention Calendar at BOT tab. Turn it ON and you wont miss any days and Streak rewards on Calendar

    2019/11/19 - 22:49
    Fixed: some accounts can't get Token link
    2019/11/04 - 20:28

    News: Grid Island improve. You can Collect Item in Grid Island with map opened.

    2019/10/07 - 12:36

    News: BOT will be include to Premium Package

    Fixed: Upgrade items [at More button] wont spend your gems anymore.

    2019/09/25 - 21:57

    Fixed: Can not select Dragon in Fun Mode on vip server

    Fixed: Arena Leaderboards could not properly

    2019/09/21 - 21:24
    We are getting the server issue. We are working hard to fix the server. In the mean time all our services will stop. Estimation: 2-4 hours to fix it
    2019/09/20 - 18:24
    News: please use BOT for Heroic Race. 
    2019/09/16 - 22:28

    News: We stopped Arena Auto Fight in BOT tab. In order to prevent your account get banned 30 days from DC.

    2019/09/05 - 19:50
    Puzzle Event tool is not working now. We are fixing it
    2019/09/03 - 23:48

    Food transferring is not working. We are working on it.


    2019/08/22 - 18:26

    News: Heroic has come. Please use BOT for Collecting Items automatically

    2019/08/21 - 10:31
    Fixed: Show error message Session was changed come from FindSessionId.com
    2019/08/20 - 23:43

    News: from now with Unlimited Package you can claim 2M food everyday

    2019/08/13 - 21:59

    Fixed: New Tournament in BOT can  fight automatically now.

    2019/08/06 - 12:42

    News: If you think the Heroic Race tool didn't not work for your account. You can go to BOT tab and try to turn On/Off Collection Heroic Race Item to see your account match condition or not.

    If the message red show up then you have to do something :)

    2019/08/02 - 20:09

    News: Reset BOT tab for all expired accounts. You can try with new Heroic feature.

    Extend 7 days for purchased BOT accounts.

    2019/08/01 - 23:48

    News: Heroic Tool get back online in BOT

    For Breeding, Hatching, Feed:
    + You must have 2 Terra dragons on your map. BOT will use 2 Terra dragons for those missions.
    + Make sure you have at least one Breeding Building FREE (Breeding Mountain, Breeding Tree, Breeding Sanctuary, Desus Breeding Nest)
    + Make sure you have at least one space in any Habitat (BOT will put dragon for Hatching)
    + BOT will feed the Dragon to level 10 after Hatching
    For PVP: please turn on [Auto Fight in League]
    For Battle: please turn on [Auto Fight in Tournament]
    For Collect Food: BOT will auto grow 30s for Food and Collect it
    Please check the History Log to see Heroic Race status
    2019/07/31 - 20:20

    News: Food transfer get back online. Food package is available now.

    2019/07/30 - 20:53

    News: We are working hard to bring food package back.

    2019/07/12 - 07:13

    News: Offer Dragons at Wonder Woman tab. 

    2019/06/13 - 08:26

    News: SP deleted some Dragons (9 dragons legend) and some dragons in Puzzle island of users. 

    If Dragon City made you disappointed you can rate 1 star in AppStore or GooglePlay. Its your decision 

    2019/06/12 - 17:52

    News: some accounts get temporary banned by SP after use Arena Combat tool . Please careful to use it.

    2019/05/30 - 18:34

    Bad news: The Heroic Tool doesn’t work any more. We need time to update it. 

    2019/05/27 - 17:16

    Fixed: Can not Buy Exp by Gold for some accounts

    2019/05/24 - 12:16

    Fixed: Can not claim Unlimited Battleground Events on final node.

    2019/05/20 - 09:45

    Fixed: Some accounts can not transfer bonus gems

    2019/05/15 - 15:54

    News: all servers are working properly now.

    2019/05/15 - 14:32

    News: the Server is working unstable. We are working hard to fix it.

    2019/05/15 - 08:36

    SP News: Onigiri Dragon will be replaced by Nature Dragon by SP. More detail here:


    2019/05/13 - 09:33

    Fixed: Can not load Information for some accounts

    2019/05/10 - 17:52

    Fixed: Battleground Events on last node. 

    2019/05/10 - 17:49

    Fixed: Battleground Events. 

    2019/05/09 - 13:50

    Social Point news: Removing Recruitment Tavern building and disabling friends gifting through Facebook to help fighting against hackers. More info here https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/12048/the-tavern-and-sending-gifts-are-leaving-the-islands

    From now you wont see Recruitment Tavern on your map any more

    2019/05/06 - 20:18

    Fixed: Can not move Dragon to Habitat from Hatchery

    2019/05/04 - 06:52

    Fixed: Some accounts can not Collect Item in Heroic

    2019/04/16 - 14:45

    Fixed: Some accounts can not get Information

    2019/04/15 - 21:17

    Fixed: Show Error 'Dragon Not Found' when move Dragon From Storage to Habitat. You can get your Dragons with level > 0 properly now.

    2019/04/02 - 15:50

    Fixed: Battleground Fight does not work on some Node

    2019/03/21 - 20:26
    Fixed: Can not transfer Gold for some premium account.
    2019/03/12 - 21:37

    Fixed: Item in Storage show NULL

    2019/03/09 - 16:33

    Fixed: Tournament is empty in Superman tab. Now tournament will load available tournaments in game.

    2019/03/06 - 23:10

    News: Since we have upgraded BOT server to new server. We would like inform to you, this package will increase the price from $4 -> $5.

    Thanks you for your understand for us in this situation. 

    2019/02/28 - 22:06

    New feature: Update Moon Island event

    2019/01/21 - 20:46

    New feature: Update Battleground events. This feature help you win 6vs6 pvp

    2018/12/28 - 22:34

    We stop selling package for 3 days. We are changing another payment method. 

    2018/12/27 - 17:03

    News: for who reached lap 15. You need to wait until event get end then you will get the High Winter Dragon. 

    2018/12/23 - 14:30

    Fixed: Only show match condition Dragons while set Defense Team in Arena.

    2018/12/21 - 12:43

    Fixed: Duplicate log histories when collect Heroic Items at BOT tab.

    2018/12/20 - 21:43

    BOT: Heroic Race is happening. Please use Auto Collect Heroic Items on BOT Server side to win the Race. ($4/1 month)

    Remember: You just need reach 15 races before event end then you will receive High Heroic Dragon. No need to top 1.

    2018/12/17 - 22:51

    Fixed: BOT Premium will select match dragons automatically when you move next league. You don't need to login to game to set Defense Team.

    2018/12/17 - 11:47

    Fixed: VIP server completed maintenance. Its working now.

    2018/12/06 - 15:33

    Final Fixed: We build a new server to fix some accounts can not create Token link. Please try create token link again for mobile device

    2018/12/05 - 20:52

    Fixed: Maze Island. 

    Fixed: BOT tab. It can't collect Gold and Food (free feature)

    2018/12/04 - 21:07

    New Feature (request by User): Add auto Collect and Grow food for BOT server side

    2018/12/03 - 17:02

    Fixed: Some accounts can't create Token Link for mobile device. Please try create token again. (mobile device)

    2018/11/27 - 13:15

    Cyber Monday: discount food package. Available until 2018/11/28. 

    2018/11/26 - 17:21

    Fixed: Some accounts can't create Token Link for mobile device. Please try create token again. (mobile device)

    2018/10/27 - 15:25

    - New Feature: Maze Island for fun. Its beta and unstable (standard server)

    2018/10/17 - 21:28

    WARNING: To prevent your account get blocked 30 minutes. Please DON'T Reload Your Information too many times in SHORT TIME

    2018/10/13 - 20:00

    + Improve Auto Collect Heroic Items at BOT tab.

    2018/10/12 - 11:44

    Fixed error: Keep showing "There are some errors" after loaded information

    2018/10/10 - 17:52

    Monster Legend tool: fixed error some account can not transfer gold and food after claim reward

    2018/10/09 - 23:57

    Monster Legend tool: Please login this ML tool to claim 20M food and 20M Gold for Monster Legend at  ml.ditlep.com

    2018/10/08 - 21:58

    - Error fixed: Some account can't fight in Arena

    2018/10/05 - 23:57

    - New Feature: Introduce Create Token Link with new method. From now who use Desktop game or mobile game Dragon City can create Token link. www.ditlep.com/CreateToken

    2018/10/04 - 23:57

    - Update collect all item to get Reward in Puzzle Island at Wonder Woman tab. Just click Get then login to your game to claim reward. It available on Standard server (VIP will be updated later)

    2018/10/04 - 23:57

    - Update collect all item to get Reward in Puzzle Island at Wonder Woman tab. Just click Get then login to your game to claim reward. 

    2018/10/03 - 23:28

    - Open sell Food and Gold for Monster Legend with very cheap price here ml.ditlep.com

    2018/09/25 - 23:55

    - We has improved Transfer Speed on standard server. It will be almost 45 seconds - 1 minute for 1M Gold. We will apply this change on standard server first. if it stable and working smoothly then Vip server.

    2018/09/25 - 17:14

    - Fixed: Transfer Gold is stable now. Enjoy!!!

    2018/09/24 - 22:05

    - Fixed: the Breeding result didn't refresh after Breed successfully.

    2018/09/24 - 22:05

    - Fixed: the Breeding result didn't refresh after Breed successfully.

    2018/09/20 - 14:04

    - Fixed: Server is stable now. Enjoy !!!

    2018/09/20 - 10:23

    - Warning: The server is under maintaining. The speed will be slow and unstable in 6 hours.

    2018/09/18 - 11:55

    Fixed: add back Collect Items each node

    Fixed: ditlep can not collect items properly

    2018/09/17 - 19:53

    Fixed: Heoric Races bug. Now you can use only a function 'Collect All Items' then ditlep will collect all items in every nodes. (You don't need to collect items each node like old version)

    2018/09/16 - 23:09
    - New Feature: Add new Page call Items list: ditlep.com/Items
    2018/09/15 - 14:43

    - Fixed: some accounts can't create Token. Please try again if you couldn't create Token link

    2018/09/14 - 22:26

    - Reset Token link for some accounts which can't create token.

    2018/09/08 - 12:53
    - Gold, Food transfering get back online. Enjoy...!!!
    2018/09/08 - 06:50
    - Gold, Food transfer will be down for 4 hours. It will back online at 12:00 PM (GMT +7)
    2018/09/06 - 22:35

    - New Feature: Allow Gift Gems to another facebookId at ditlep store. Available on vip server only.

    2018/09/05 - 22:21
    - Add Global History breeding. Now you can reference all breeding histories in the world at Hulk Tab
    2018/08/31 - 17:29
    - Add Speed Up by Videos for Farming, Breeding, Hatching
    2018/08/31 - 06:51

    - Reopen Buy Gems package.

    2018/08/05 - 05:37
    - Buy egg with small gems is no longer available
    2018/07/25 - 23:15

    Bad news: dragon with level 0 can not be moved from Storage to habitat without hatching :(

    2018/07/19 - 04:51

    - Add Token elements numbers on User information

    2018/07/17 - 18:41

    - Increase decorations range X and Y to support new island.

    2018/07/16 - 14:03
    - Server is back online after down few hours for maintenance 
    2018/07/09 - 04:14

    - Fixed: Some accounts could not transfer Food property.

    - Reset trail 7 days for all accounts at BOT server side tab

    - Extend more 7 days to existed premium BOT accountss

    2018/06/29 - 20:52
    - Fixed: some accounts can't transfer Food after bought Food Package discount
    2018/06/29 - 04:04
    - Discount 20M Food = 5 USD (it will be end soon)
    2018/06/28 - 21:22

    - Fixed: Some accounts can't transfer Food. Please try transfer again.

    - Fixed: Can't get SessionId from Token link

    2018/06/27 - 22:22

    - Remove check eligible to buy Food for many accounts

    - Optimize transfer food. It can be 250.000 food each submit.

    2018/06/23 - 04:32
    Fixed: Can't not transfer Gold (Premium Account)
    2018/06/22 - 06:49
    Fixed: message “There are some errors” shows many times. 
    2018/06/11 - 19:28
    - Information: We added more 3 days Premium to all Premium Accounts after we solved the extremely slow while transferring gold.
    2018/06/11 - 17:50

    - Fixed: Transfer Gold is slowly on Premium Account. Please try again and let me know if it still extremely slow :)

    2018/06/10 - 21:31

    - Fixed: Missing Reward Tournament when click View All Tournaments

    - BOT server side: Add collect 100 Raw Crystal every hour

    2018/06/10 - 21:31

    - Fixed: Missing Reward Tournament when click View All Tournaments

    - BOT server side: Add collect 100 Raw Crystal each hour

    2018/06/10 - 21:31

    - Fixed: Missing Reward Tournament when click View All Tournaments

    - BOT server side: Add collect 100 Raw Crystal

    2018/05/16 - 19:33

    Fixed: showing 'There are some errors' when using some funcions

    2018/05/16 - 07:37

    Fixed: BOT on server is working now. (It was down for 4 hours)

    2018/05/16 - 03:34

    Fixed: Some accounts can't buy Stamina after checked account eligible

    2018/05/07 - 02:17

    Fixed: Auto Combat didn't run in Arena in BOT tab.

    2018/04/05 - 18:03

    Fixed: Tournament didn't load properly

    2018/04/21 - 19:55

    + Add filter by Rarities on My Dragons and Setup Attack Team

    + Add boost, banned elements and rarities on My Arena

    2018/04/21 - 19:55

    + Add filter by Rarities on My Dragons and Set Team

    + Add boost, banned element and rarities on My Arena

    2018/04/02 - 23:16
    Fixed: Some accounts can not create Token Link for mobile. If you already created a token link but it couldn't link to your account. please re-create it.
    2018/03/30 - 16:36

    Fixed: Some accounts can not create Token Link mobile

    Fixed: Some accounts can not buy Stamina

    2018/03/16 - 19:52

    Fixed: Can not get FacebookId and SessionId from Token link

    Fixed: Can not transfer Gold and Food

    2018/02/12 - 17:30

    Fixed: Can not collect Heroic Item in BOT tab

    2018/02/09 - 07:05

    Fixed: some accounts can't active trial 7 days BOT server side

    Add Auto Collect Heroic Race Item on Server Side at BOT tab

    2018/02/07 - 00:52

    Fixed: Can not buy Stamina for Dragon Training Star

    Fixed: Some accounts can not collect Platinum in BOT Server Side

    Update Languages

    2018/02/07 - 00:52

    Fixed: Can not buy Stamina for Dragon Training Star

    Fixed: Some accounts can not collect Platinum in BOT Server Side

    Update Languages

    2018/02/05 - 07:21

    Add Auto Collect Platinum on BOT tab

    2018/02/04 - 23:40

    Add Logs History for Auto Combat in BOT Tab

    Display correct timezone in View 100 History Logs - BOT tab

    2018/02/02 - 23:08

    Add Repeal in Arena Battle, this feature helps you wont lose trophies

    Add Auto Combat in BOT tab

    2018/01/30 - 03:37

    Add Mage Shrine feature. Now you can use Mage Shrine to cast spell from tool

    Premium: Add Training Dragon stars (Super Man tab)

    2018/01/23 - 17:41

    Fix Collect BOT client side

    Introduce Collect Gold from Server Side, from now you wont miss any gold in Habitat with new awesome feature. (this is beta, may be it doesn't work stable)

    2018/01/23 - 17:41

    Fix Collect BOT client side

    Introduce Collect Gold from Server Side. This is beta, may be it doesn't work stable.

    2018/01/19 - 19:02

    Fixed: Can not move Egg from Store to Habitat

    Fixed: Can not Buy Package from Premium page

    2018/01/18 - 22:06

    Fix can not Create Token for some FacebookId. Please try create Token again

    2018/01/18 - 06:18

    Recover data for all premium accounts finished after lost data issue. Thanks everyone for understand.


    Fixed: some account can't link device to Token link. If you couldn't link device please start over again


    Premium Account: add 90 stamina each day for Premium Account in Arena Combat


    Now open Arena Combat for standard account


    New Feature: Add LeaderBoards and Your Boards in Arena Battle. You can fight any persons you want in your boards

    Fixed some language didn't display properly

    Fixed some FacebookId can't connect Token. If you can't connect device with token, please start over again on your mobile.


    New Feature: Introduce Create Token Link to get FacebookId and SessionId. With this new method, you can get FacebookId and SessionId easy more than ever


    New Feature - Premium Account only: Training Dragon Star. You can earn a lot of kills every day for a Dragon you want.

    Optimize UI Set Attack Team, Its freezee on some devices

    Fixed: Fix Combat league on Wonder Woman tab, (it doesn't work for some account)


    New Feature: Add new language Netherlands

    Fixed: show wrong dragon's star


    New Feature: Always Win when click Fight in Arena Leagues (only for Premium Account) at Super Man tab

    New Feature: Add Dragon Star at My Dragons tab

    Improvement: Change new UI at Select Attack Team


    Fixed: Showing Platinum changes after Cyrstal was crafted successfully

    Fixed: Correct time count down for Breeding

    Fixed: Dragon list doesn't refresh after move to any Habitats from Dragonarium

    Fixed: Show Dragon in Tower on My Dragon tab

    Fixed: Allow Delete Dragon when it was stuck in Tower

    Fixed: Show how long need to be waited for recovering Pool in Heroic Race (VIP only)


    New Feature: add Breeding Calculation click here


    Fixed: The Dragon level has no changed after feed Dragon at My Dragon tabs


    Fixed: Some Browsers (mobile device) can't load page properly


    Add more Languages: Chinese, French, Russian


    New Feature: Add View All Tournaments Cup at Super Man tab

    Fixed: Show wrong dragon name on map after moved this dragon from store


    Fixed: Duplicated Dragons when Move to any Habitats in List Dragon Storage popup


    Fixed: Can not move Dragon from Store, Feed, Rename Dragon


    New Feature: Add Search in Item On Map, Dragon In Shop, Dragon on Map, Egg in Store

    New Feature: Update Calculating Breeding Result at Hulk Tab


    Fixed: Showing Account was blocked 30 minutes but it doesnt


    Server down 4 hours for maintance, sorry for any inconvenience. We already extended 2 expiration days to all premium accounts.


    Fixed: Premium account can't use Buy Any Items = 15 gems

    Allow search by Dragon Name combine with Custom Dragon Name in My Dragon tab


    Buy any eggs with 15 gems www.ditlep.com/BuyEgg

    Update BOT: Allow custom time, custom grow food in BOT tab

    Display time left in Farms on Map


    Fixed: Auto Select Dragon in Set Attack Team for Tournament


    Adding 1 days to all Premium Account because Premium Server was down in 4 hours


    Fixed: Can not turn off Auto Collect Food at BOT tab


    New Feature: Add Open Chest. This feature will help you open a bulk of chests in your store. [Item In Store - Open Chest]

    Improve Auto Selected Dragon feature in Tournaments

    Fixed: some account can not get Information. (Keep Loading)


    New Feature: Enable Auto Collect Food in BOT tab. Now you can Collect Gold and Food same time


    Server Get Back Online after 10 hours down for moving to good server. All Premium Accounts will be EXTEND ONE MORE DAY. Sorry for this issue and i want to thanks everyone who donated me (buy some packages) for making new good server


    Add new Feature: Fix Combat League Error (Wonder Woman tab)

    Fixed: Display wrong some Dragons skill at My Dragons tab


    Fixed: All accounts can craft Crystal properly now

    Fixed: Can not combat with one Dragon


    Fixed: Can not craft crystal for some accounts

    Fixed: Can save team combat


    Fixed: Account get blocked 30 min while trying to craft more than 3000 crystals in Ancient World


    Fixed: Some accounts cant not delete Dragon Stucking


    Add move Dragon to Dragonarium (in My Dragon tab)

    You can delete Dragons were stucked (in My Dragons tab)


    Fixed: Preview on Breeding Result

    Fixed: PVP shoudnt load Enemies already won


    Fixed Mobile UI: Menu didn't show when click on any Dragons on My Dragons


    Fixed: sometime Auto Select Dragons in Tournament doesn't work properly

    Improve Set Attack Team UI


    Add Tournamets Combat - Super Man tab

    Improve Set Attack Team UI


    Fixed: Set Attack Teamp> Date:2017/08/02

    Improve Invite Friends Market, Remove Waiting Friends for Social Building [Item On Map - More Button - Remove Waiting Friends]

    Decrease total seconds between each requests when Collecting Item in Heroic Races from 30 to 10 seconds


    Fixed: some accounts can not get Items for Heroic Races

    If possible please Donate me by upgrade to Premium Account to use Permium Server: vip.ditlep.com


    Permium Account: Increase to maximum 1M Gold/1 Auto Submit

    Permium Account: Add Tournaments (Super Man Tab). You can join and win any Tournaments you want.


    Updated: new Heroic Races


    Fixed Critical Bug: Account was blocked 30 minutes after do some actions on Ditlep site


    Fixed: Can not get My Dragon Back

    Premium Account: Improve 95% chance get MAX GOLD when Transfer Gold (it can be combined with BOT Auto Collect Gold)


    I sent to all Premium Accounts (Non Expired) 2M Food (In My Store tab). This is my gift to who donated me. (Only for Premium Account played Dragon City more than 3 months)

    Update awesome UI at Ancient World. Display How many cost Platinum, and Your Plantinum


    Fix: Keep showing Upgrade to Premium server on Regular Server

    Fix Premium Server: Some account can't get Information

    Add Food package


    Add Food package


    Add Thai language

    Update some text were't translated properly.


    Premium Account Only: Add Unlimited Transfer Gold and Xp. NOW you have 2 options (Transfer Gold only or Gold and XP)

    Gold only: Maximum 700k Gold/submit

    Gold and XP: Maxium 250k Gold/submit and Maxium 65k XP/submit

    Add Logs while Auto Transfer


    Fixed: Invite Friends for Social Building [Item On Map -> More -> Unlock]


    Introduce Ancient World. From NOW you can Craft Cyrstal by tool easier than ever

    For Premium Account. You can collect Unlimited Raw Ruby, Diamond, Saphia, Topza, Emarld, Onyx in Accient World with no COST any gold and no need to wait time cooldown


    New Feature: Fill Friends for Meta Habitat, Ice Habitat, or any Building need to invite friends ([Items On Map] -> [More Button] -> [Unlock (Remove waiting Invite Friends)] )

    Fixed: Preview Breeding Result [Iron Man tab]

    OPEN Get Food (Allow for everyone until 2017-07-20)

    I will give to any one VIP account 1-2 week(s), if she/he makes a video guide people [How to use My Dragons Tab]. Then send it to email: [email protected]


    HOLA!!! Transfer Gold is working stable now (1 min ~ 1M Gold) !!! Thanks to all who donated me and waited for me fix VIP server.

    Fixed Premium Server: All VIP accounts extended one more day. Thanks for everyone who donated to me. It will help me a lot to imporve this tool.

    Date: 2017/07/06

    Add Permium Server: http://vip.ditlep.com (never die, nerver overloading). This is benifit for Perimum Account who are donated me.

    Date: 2017/07/05

    Fixed: Error at Heroic Race Lap 14

    Fixed: Some account can't get gems, invite market friends properly.

    Date: 2017/07/04

    Update Heroic Lap 11 - Lap15

    Add Account Premium packge (Unlimited Gold and Unlimited training dragon same time) check price here

    Add Get Gems back (at Wonder Woman tab) (condition: Account must login to Mobile device first)

    Open Invite Market friend (at Wonder Woman tab). If you don't have enough friends. No worries, Dit will fill it for you.

    Date: 2017/07/03

    GOOD NEWS. I moved Ditlep.com to new server completely. Enjoy It :)

    Add Collect Item individual mission.

    Fixed Can't get SessionId fromFindSessionId.com

    Date: 2017/06/30

    Add Heroic Race event tab. Dont use it frequency, it will make you say goodbye with Dragon City very soon. Enjoy!!!

    Date: 2017/06/28

    Fixed some accounts show error message while using Gold BOT

    Date: 2017/06/26

    Add one more tab call BOT. Now you can let this tool collect Gold automatically. I will release collect Food in next release.

    Indentify color for Breeding, Training, Stucking in My Dragons Tab

    Date: 2017/06/24

    Introduce new method get Session Id very easy than ever. findSessionId.com

    Now. You can change dragon name with space.

    Date: 2017/06/18

    Show what Dragons status are WORKING or STUCKING (you can't do anything with this dragon)

    Add feature Get Back my dragon when it was stucked while training. (check My Dragon tabs)

    Next release: I will add one cool feature Get Dragon Back if this Dragon were stuck while breeding.

    Date: 2017/06/16

    Fixed: Fix Transfer Gold for Premium FacebookId only. I have a new server for each user buy Gold to Donate me and it transfers very fast. Thanks you.

    Date: 2017/06/15

    NOW. You can move dragon to Habitat very very easy. Try it on My Dragons Tab!!!!

    Fixed: Load Ultra Breading Level 2 in list

    Date: 2017/06/14

    Now you can learn any skills for any dragons in My Dragons Tab.

    Fix some Bug

    Date: 2017/06/13

    My Dragon tabs: Fixed some user can't move dragon. My Dragon tabs: Update Current Dragons number after moved successfully.

    Date: 2017/06/12

    Introduce: My Dragons tab. NOW you can manage your dragon too easy.

    Date: 2017/06/07

    Fixed: PVP. Help me win this guy :D.

    Fixed: Set Combat Team.

    Date: 2017/06/03

    Fixed: Keep showing Session Id was changed.

    Date: 2015/04/18

    Fixed: Auto Make Love...LOL.

    Date: 2015/03/02

    Fixed: Account was block 30 minutes.

    Date: 2015/02/11

    New Tool: Auto Find Session Id here Download

    New Features: Update Turkish language

    New Features: Move or Delete Bulk Dragon in Store

    Date: 2015/02/06

    Fixed: No Egg in Store after Loading Information

    Date: 2015/02/02

    Add more Hindi, Arabic languages

    Get 4 ~ 40 gems/submit www.dc-ml.com

    Fix some bugs

    Date: 2014/01/26

    1-3M Food and Gold for Dragon City and Monster Legend here www.dc-ml.com. Dont hack to much may be die session

    Date: 2014/01/22

    Fixed: Blocked 30 minutes after Feed Dragon and Buy All Eggs

    New Features: Buy Missing Eggs (in Buy button Dragon In Shop)

    Date: 2014/01/19

    Fixed: Can't load account info

    Date: 2014/01/14

    New Features: Now you can save position X and Y on your map. This feature will help you want to re-design your map. Then if you dont like new design you can rollback to your old saved map

    Date: 2014/01/09

    Update languages for Gold and Food page: Free 500k Food
    Free 500k Gold

    Fixed: Can not get Gold and Food free. Links: Food Free and Gold Free

    New Feature: Sell all items, Store all item except habitats

    Date: 2014/01/06

    New Feature: Fix Negative Food

    New Feature: Buy All Eggs (Inside Buy Button)

    Date: 2014/01/06

    New Feature: Feed for All Dragons same time

    Date: 2014/01/05

    New Feature: Add more Exp Recevied for a submit (Super Man tab)

    New Feature: Add Reset EXP to 0

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/01/04

    New Feature: Add Grow Farm Building (You can grow and collect directly)

    Date: 2014/12/31

    New Feature: Add Breeding Result (it can detect what egg you already breeded in Game)

    Fix: Egg go into Item Store instead of Egg Store

    Date: 2014/12/31

    New Feature: You can rename a dragon or all dragons same time

    New Feature: You can move Egg to any habitat from Hatchery

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/12/30

    Fixed: After buy 25 gems the Item should go to Store

    Fixed: Move to Habitat from Egg in Store (Easy to use)

    Date: 2014/12/29

    You can set Attack Team Combat from tool at Super Man tab

    Date: 2014/12/28

    Add Unlock for Item on Island (no need to invite friend to unlock)

    Date: 2014/12/26

    Fix: Some accounts can't buy any items

    Date: 2014/12/22

    Fix: Cant loading Information

    Date: 2014/12/18

    Fix stuck Dragon when learning skill

    Fix serveral bugs

    Date: 2014/12/08

    Update View Another User info by FacebookId click here

    Update View Dragons List click here

    Date: 2014/11/22

    Get Free 300 gems here click here

    Date: 2014/11/18

    Fixed Breeding Calculator

    Date: 2014/11/15

    Get 200 ~ 500k Gold and Food FREE here

    Date: 2014/11/11

    Get Food FREE here (40k - 2M Food/submit) here

    Date: 2014/09/30

    Update new Desktop Tool, now you can Get Gold, Food, Exp free by auto submit. Download tool here

    Selling Food, Gold, Gems for Monster Legend come back

    Date: 2014/09/17

    Fixed: Get Gold Free work properly click here

    Date: 2014/09/15

    Fixed: Get Gold Free

    Fixed: Dragon wasn't removed on map after sell

    Fixed: Can not store Items on Map

    Update new Price all Dragon City Package